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About Us

Tickling the imagination one delicious story at a time.

We’re a small press publishing content mostly available online with print options and limited edition hardcover versions of our stories. We are also offering digital story content in both eBook and Audiobook formats. Relatedly, we're selling merchandise in an online storefront. These items are only available through us and tied into our brand and story lines.

We are currently prepping stories with a focus on F/F romantic relationships, whether it is in space, in the future, in a haunted house, or off a desolate road. Speculative fiction, science fiction and horror are the genres we love and prefer to publish.

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Our Story

Hi Everyone! I'm Margaret Oliver, Managing Partner of 2 Ravens Press, LLC and excited that you’re here learning a bit about us today.


Our small press started out as an idea in my mind back in 2018 which I shared with my spouse, and eventual co-founder, Samantha Noll. By the time I purchased the domain name and business license to go with it, I knew I was on to something that could be real, but in order to fund it I had to decide if we were self-funded or if we needed outside support.


Choosing to keep full control, we decided to self-fund and by the start of this year we had what we needed to make it happen. Thanks for being on this journey with us. We look forward to getting the chance to share wonderful stories with you.

Meet The Team

Our Imprints

We feature branded imprints such as TJ Oliver Books, The Swollow & Rose, Fluid Spec Magazine, and 2 Ravens Audio.

Parallel Lines

Our Recommendations

From ReedsyBlog and Story Graph to Behance, we enjoy sharing resources which help writers, designers, editors, and readers connect. More recommendations can be found on our Resources page.

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