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  • Where can I buy a physical copy of a book?
    We sell physical copies of our books here on our website. To become a vendor, simply email us to inquire about setting that up by writing to and we will be happy to get things rolling.
  • Is 2 Ravens Press, LLC a women owned company?
    Yes we are. Founders of 2 Ravens Press, LLC are Margaret Oliver and Samantha Noll.
  • Is 2 Ravens Press, LLC a diverse business?
    Our founders are both part of the LGBTQ+ community and encourage inclusivity in our daily practice.
  • Do you accept works of fiction?
    We have certain windows where we are open to story submissions. We will post those on this website from time to time, so join our mailing list to be one of the first to learn about these opportunities.
  • Do you accept illustrations or cartoons?
    We enjoy working with artists and designers and provide opportunities to publish original work. We're searching for artists to illustrate stories and nonfiction pieces in our quarterly magazine, Fluid Spec. Additionally, we seek artists to illustrate novellas and novel length works of fiction. Please follow the submission guidelines when such opportunities arise, and join our mailing list today to be one of the first to learn when we are holding our next open call.
  • Do you accept nonfiction essays or books?
    We are an independent press with an eye on both fiction and nonfiction publication of unusual work that sheds light on solutions to sticky problems in an accessible style. Opportunities are available to contribute essays in our quarterly themed magazine, Fluid Spec. Please join the mailing list to keep tabs on forthcoming open calls.
  • Where can I buy merch related to your brand and story lines?
    We've setup a shop on Redbubble to encourage fans to support our brand and enjoy exclusive items we've officially launched just for you! We love feedback. Let us know what you think.
  • What is Redbubble?
    Redbubble is an international broker between designers, manufacturing houses, and customers. It allows our in-house design team to create unique work we can offer to fans, just like you, all over the world. It allows us to discover what you like best and what to keep making in the future. Here is a link to get you started: How does Redbubble work?
  • What if I want to return something I bought from the Redbubble shop? Do I contact you here?
    We love feedback about what works and doesn't work for you during your shopping experience. That being said, all returns and questions about refunds must be directed to Redbubble customer support as they handle that aspect of the business. Please remember to keep your order number ready when you contact them.
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